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Denver Small Appliance Repair provides quality Laundry Appliance repairs to the people of Denver, CO.

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Providing Laundry Appliance Repair In Denver, CO

We believe in experience and talent, all our technicians are meticulously selected to be the best in the industry. Our technicians go through a screening process enabling us to get only the best for you. If you need one of the reputed and reliable repair companies for your laundry appliances. We are a family owned company working in Denver for more than two decades. We are confident of the quality of the service we provide and the authenticity of the spare parts used. Contact us to get fast and reliable service for your faulty laundry appliance.

Trained Experienced And Reliable Laundry Appliance Repair In Denver

Laundry appliances get used almost everyday or every other day. You want them to keep working in top condition then you need to keep care of the appliances, have maintenance and cleaning done every few years. It will extend the life of your appliances. Domestic appliances tend to have short life if not maintained properly. Denver Small Appliance Repair has repaired domestic and commercial laundry appliances all over Denver. We are a trained and experienced team here to help you.

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Wahing Machine Repair

Here are some of the issues we solve

If your washing machine isn’t filled with water, cleaning could be difficult. Our technicians will check your washing machine to see what is preventing the washing machine from filling up.

We will see if the door is closing properly or if the water inlet pipe isn’t blocked.

Another major problem washing machines have is when the water doesn’t drain out properly.

If there is a blockage in the drainage system it can cause the water to floor outside the washing machine and wet your floor or carpet.

If the washing machine door isn’t shutting down or opening easily it can make cleaning clothes difficult. As much as you think you can fix the door by yourself it is not as easy. You might end up breaking the door instead. Denver Small Appliance Repair will replace broken doors, repair difficult doors and make them work properly.

Many washing machines show error codes and stop working. It is not always easy to understand what the error code means if you do not have the original manual. Even if you do find out what the issue is, it is not possible to fix the issue on your own. That is why we have a dedicated team to solve issues related to error codes.

Washing machine drums often make noise, don’t rotate or show other types of problems. Worn out book drive belts or motors issues. We will look for exactly what is causing the issue with the drum and fix it.

If your machine keeps stopping in the middle of the cycle there might be a lot of factors behind it. The motor might be overheating, the electric fuse keeps disconnecting, the thermostat is not working etc.

Washing machines that are too harsh on your clothes, may cause them to rid over lint and damage the stitching etc. Often things such as stone, screws and other unnoticle stuff in the drum and cause your clothes damage while in rotation. The washing machine is damaging clothes

Noisy machines could be caused from something in the machine or irregular vibrations from faulty components. It is the earliest sign before something goes wrong and the washing machine stops working. If you see such an issue with your washing machine do not wait to call us.

If the spin cycle of the washing machine is not working, the clothes won’t get clean. Things like balance sensors may cause the machine to assume it;s overloaded and stop spinning, electric issues can also prevent the machine from starting it’s normal spin cycle. Whatever the matter is, we can fix it for you.

If you start noticing musty smell from your clothes after washing, there might be mold growth inside the machine somewhere.

We can investigate what is the issue causing the smell and fix it.

Dryer Repair

Dryers and washing machines have almost the same kind of issues and we specialise in repairing both with efficiency. Here are some of the issues we solve in dryers

Dryer mechanics

If the motors of the dryers don’t work, it won’t rotate your clothes and dry them properly.

Our technicians will open the dryer and take a look at the dryer belts to see if they are working correctly. We will check the motor, the electric wiring going to the motor.

We will see if the tumbler jar is properly secured to the pulley. The blower wheel needs to be working properly as well, if not we can repair or replace it.

Having years of experience in repairing almost all models and brands of dryers, we know how to fix dryer issues where they stop working all of a sudden.


Thermostats are one of the problems dryers may have. Just like any heating or cooling desive thermostat plays a big role in fine working of the appliance. Checking the thermostat and fixing it should be done by a professional. An amature may worsen the damage instead of repairing it. We carry all the necessary spare parts of the highest quality, if you have a broken and faulty thermostat we can change it. Resetting the thermostat can also chick start your dryer to work properly, sometimes simple things can make a big change and you would be able to save a lot of money. When you hire us you can be sure that you are choosing a company you can trust.We will never charge you for something we have provided or done. For example, if we have not replaced the thermostat we will never charge you for a new thermostat. 


Dryer’s thermal fuse can short circuit if the dryer is old or it has been working for a long time and cause overheating in the system. A fuse is basically a mechanics to prevent fires and save the appliance for damage. If you have a fuse in your dryer you can be sure to get easy and quick repair. You will be able to use the machine on the same day. Replacing the fuse takes a few minutes and a certified technician explains to you how to use the dryer to prevent future fuses. They can also check the outlet to make sure nothing is wrong with it.

Heating Coils

Through removing the back panel we’ll enter the heating coil. With the VOM at RX we will carry out a check on the component by taking the leads from the coil and pushing the probes to the terminals. The coil is bad and should be swapped out if the reading indicates 0.

We must cut all wires attached to the heating element from the terminal and simply screw it out and turn it off. The new one should fit in the space right and be re-attached the same way you cut the old one out.

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