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If you are wondering whether you should repair or replace your appliance, we have a simple answer for you.
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Denver Small Appliances Repair have trained technicians who are experienced, professional, and polite. All our workers are highly efficient at what they do. They will explain everything in detail, answer any question you have and provide a free estimate before we start working. We are an ethical company and we will never charge you for anything unreasonable. We will show you all the repair options before we start working so you can make an educated choice. Give us a call today. We are here to help.

Professional Kitchen Appliance Repair Services In Denver And It’s Surrounding Areas

If your appliance is way over warranty eprod, in fact if it’s older than your grandma there’s no point repairing it, it will soon go back to its original faulty self. However, if it’s a fairly new appliance, you can save a lot of bucks by repairing the appliance as opposed to buying a new one.

Kitchen appliances tend to wear out before parts other than these. Sometimes we forget that until something goes wrong. If the dishwasher housing breaks and wears down, you might face a lot of flood damage. If an error code pops up, look for what it means before a service call is made. It may well be something you can repair.

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Types Of Appliances We Repair

Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerators are important to store food, keep vegetables fresh, and drink cold. If you Refrigerator stops working it can be a big headache. You won’t want your food to go bad, that’s why prompt repair is necessary. Denver Small Appliance Repair has the knowledge and training to solve all your refrigerator issues as quick as possible. Some of the common types of issues include faulty motors, compressors are not working properly, coolant dried or evaporated, capacitors are not working, thermostat issues etc.

Ice Maker Repair

If your Icemaker is not working there might be a variety of reasons for it. You need an appliance expert to know what the issue is and fix it subsequently. Ice makers may have clogged drainage pipes causing water to flood the insides, water inlet valve might be faulty, thermostat might not be working properly.

The compressor, water pump, expansion valve, evaporator grid, condenser fan, condenser, suction line etc might be replacement. We provide authentic parts with warranty and proper installation.

Freezer Repair

We repair industrial and domestic freezer. If you are a store or restaurant that is having issues with your freezer, you can rely on us for efficient repair. We have repaired freezers that are not running properly. Our expert team who have years of experience on repairing freezers will investigate what is causing the freezers to work inappropriately. We will look into the electric outlet, the electronic circuit board, thermostat, defrost timer, compressor etc for the freezer before we start the repair.

If the freezer is making loud noises, the lights are alfuning, there is too much frost inside the freezer are the other issues that we look into.

Stove Repair

Whether you have a gas stove or electric stove, if your stove is not working life would be difficult. You won’t be able to cook breakfast, send your kids to school is a wholesome meal, cook food for yourself, cook food for guests etc. At Denver Small Appliances Repair we fix issues such as heating coil failure, loose coil fixing, heat adjustment issue etc. We also clean your stove for efficient cooking. If you have a gas stove we can fix issues like weak burner flames caused due to blocaje in the gas pipe.

If your burner goes off continuously, if your burner doesn’t light up at all, you can smell gas after you have switched off the stove, the flame has a different color than it’s blue color.

Range Stove Repair

Most of the residences of Denver have a Range stove in their kitchen. If you need a reliable company that has experience and proper training on repairing Range, Denver Small Appliance Repair is the one for you.

Some of the issues we solve are : faulty range burners that won’t heat up, the oven door has a hard time shutting, the oven interior lights are not working, the insides of the oven is too dirty to clean by itself.

Microwave Repair

One of the most common microwave issues is that the microwave won’t heat up. It is difficult to understand the internal anatomy of a microwave. Only companies with proper knowledge and certification can fix microwave issues. We can fix faulty buttons, rotating plate damage, we can see why your microwave switches off in it’s own etc.

If you notice sparking inside the microwave see if you have put microwave grade utensil inside, if yes, we will check what is causing the sparks and fix it.

Cooktop Repair

You can’t cook with an appliance that doesn’t work and you may be suffering from a number of issues if your electric cooktop won’t turn on. If the coils won’t heat properly or temperature control is difficult, the starter spark might not be working preventing the cooktop for lighting up, you will need immediate repair.

Oven Repair

We repair all brands and models of ovens.If you have a big or a small oven, residential or commercial oven we fix it all. Our company has successfully repaired residential ovens, restaurant ovens, hotel kitchen ovens, food truck ovens etc. If your oven is facing any issue do not hesitate to contact us for best oven repair.

Dishwasher Repair

One of the most common problems is washing the dishes from the dishwasher. If it can not operate a dishwasher can’t do its job. Dishwasher will start to overwhelm and will just keep filling up with water. Water may not drain away from the dishwasher. Water could leak out of your dishwasher. Could not shut the door properly. Dishwashers may make loud, grinding noises as it runs. If you face any of the above problems, get in touch with us for fast service.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposal is an effective way to get rid of your food garage and drain it out. If it stops working you will be left with a dirty and stinky sink.

We give immediate help and fox issues such garbage disposal that doesn’t start, jammed disposal, disposal that drains slow, disposal that gives our foul odor, disposal that leaks etc.

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